Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days :: Adventures

I have trouble with the word artist. I work with kids every day and we often play matching games. The artist card is the man with a mustache holding a giant paintbrush and easel, right? You know what I'm talking about. Maybe he is Pablo Picasso, although I don't think Picasso had a mustache.

I want to pair this picture with a late twenties working woman who loves and does art in all kinds of eclectic ways. With her writing. As she cooks. With music. And paints -- we're talking watercolors and fingerpaints, here.

I want this to be a match. I want both to be artists, serious artist and me, nontraditional creative spirit.

I've been on a journey to let go of my guidelines for the way art has to look.

For 31 days, I'm approaching creativity with a series of adventures. Every day will be a little different. Basically, you must come in full force and meet every challenge or you can't come along.


You just have to be ready to play.
I'm excited to find out what little surprises are waiting when I go on a month long adventure to let creativity roam free. I hope you'll come along.

It's your turn. Pick a card. Oh, you got stuck with Pablo again? No worries. Pick again...

I'll come back to this post and compile a list with its link to keep track of the 31 days.
Thanks, Nester for inviting us along in the 31 day journey.
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  1. oh I love this! Cant wait to read along :-)

    1. Thanks, Rebecca!! Great to have you along and good to meet you :).

  2. love the new banner/layout! And can't wait to follow along with you. :)