Thursday, August 1, 2013

The UnRandoms From July

I use the word random a lot. I'm such a random person who has random encounters all the time with all these random people. My supervisor for work, the one I get to meet with outside of work and who I get to have conversations with in that perhaps are a bit off-center at times, says that we should stop calling these conversations "random" because, let's be honest, they are no longer "random," they are just conversations. As if, random has lost all meaning. Oh, goodness. So, with that said, in no particular order, here's a few unrandom things that have gone on for the month of July.

1. I keep spending inordinate amounts of time talking to people who I meet everyplace, and it happens all the time. I have really long conversations with strangers and somehow, it's perfectly fine. Not random at all. I wouldn't recommend this for your four-year-old child, but it works for me and it's fascinating and somehow tons of stories come out and I wish I could spend more time just meeting people.
Here's the short list of lately: cooking coach at my favorite grocery store (I think he just might make my dreams of cooking boot camp come true), lady working at the community center, 90-year-old woman at bagel shop, leasing consultant, any assortment of neighbors. Sigh. I think I just want to be a professional friend.
2. I can have a love/hate relationship with music. This sounds very similar to Emily's post when she said that songs she hates "are redeemable."
On a related note, I love it when my co-workers think the tunes playing (Mumford and Sons) are Peter, Paul, and Mary.

3. I like my neighbors.

4. One of Maggie Smith's first notable films was The Prime if Miss Jean Brodie. I had never heard of it, until I saw it on TV, and the resemblance was uncanny from her days of youth. Seriously, her voice sounds exactly the same then and now.

5. :

Ok, I'm so excited about this, people. I just started 'searching' the internet and raising money for the cause Forgotten Voices. I love FV. Please check it out when you can. It takes two minutes to sign up for How often do we search the net?

One penny is raised for every search you do! Simple and effective way to help orphans.

6. Improv. Will. Be Happening. Stay Tuned. I'm also so excited about this. But, for selfish reasons. I think it will be fun. Yet, I'm also hoping to spread good and work with the kiddos somehow with this and maybe even raise money for kids or something that matters through making a fool of myself = always a win.

7.  I don't really watch TV.

I'm not someone who thinks it's impressive when people don't watch TV. I can't explain this one, except I just don't think of it. Sometimes I watch shows on DVD. I like movies. But, that's about it. I guess that explains why I stay a bit out of touch sometimes.

8. Yellow is everywhere. Did I know this before July? I don't know. But now I do. I think my love affair with yellow might be calming down, but no worries, it's still there.

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8. When I don't write things down during the month, if I don't take time to celebrate, to find the joy, the good things pass me by.

Thus, the small list this month. No small amount of learning, but small amounts of remembering.

One thing I did remember though is how to laugh harder and longer and easier again.

I was reminded again this month how to brush off the weight those shoulders like to hold. And yet how to hold on when I need to step into the next moment, and the next moment, and the next, and the next...God is there.

Linking up with Emily and others because I like to practice remembering what I learn. Ohh, please share yours.

What's something not so random you learned this month?


  1. I love talking to strangers, too: so much so that it's hard for me to tell my kids not to do it, lest they call me out as they do every. single. time. I say "stupid." Pleased to make your acquaintance via Chatting at the Sky.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Brandee! That's so funny.

  3. Does anyone else like that there are two number 8's? Whoops.. That's what I get for night writing!

  4. Well - I just learned about - so thanks for that! Visiting from Emily's today! Love reading over these lists! Your love affair with Yellow reminds me of a book of poems that I stumbled on last year called The Persistence of Yellow... it's quirky and poetic and 'random' and lovely! Maybe you can goodsearch some quotes from the book of poems! ;)

    1. I love this, Karrilee!! Thank you for sharing! You're so fun. :) Those poems sound right up my alley.

  5. Visiting from Emily's site and having so much fun reading through all the lists. We haven't had cable for two years now, and it's amazing how much I don't miss it. There's just enough to keep me engaged on DVD, etc. so it's not really necessary, is it? Looking forward to checking out goodsearch - thanks for the tip!

  6. I love your unrandomness. I wish I didn't like to watch TV or was more creative with my family of things to do instead of watching TV. Enjoyed your list. Blessings.