Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday + Couch Rebels Release Party

Hi, friends, Happy August to you! It's like clockwork; people seem to get way busy again this time of year, gearing up for fall, more events, people having weddings and showers, school starting. Oh, and there's getting the last bit of pool time in wherever they can. Or is that just me?

I was on a short bloggy hiatus to REST a bit because I needed it and then to birthday-it-up last week, which was so much fun. I have been 'practicing being 29,' which is going well. I decided I'm all about being good with your age, although at times I still run around and play in the pool and do swim races like that child at heart. My neighbor offered to time me last night as I swam across the pool, and so really, I think the term "age is just a number" will work for me for a long time. I'm not worried.

Birthdays are a chance to celebrate LIFE and God's goodness, I believe, to shout to the world that horray, we're still around and available to others to work and play and love and yes, made it to another year! Thank you, God.

And, of course, my favorite thing about birthdays is to see and talk to the people I love, and maybe even get to pull a bunch of people from all walks of life together which is a Birthday Dream Come True. I'm not kidding, and I think I'm going to do it more often.

I wanted to use my birthday for something good, to tell you about all the places where they need your time and talents and where can you go if you are on the look-out for great places helping people and on mission for Christ, because other than the drip, drip, drip of the leak in my apartment last night (post to come), this is what keeps me up at night. But, I didn't get it out to you in time, and I thought that meant I couldn't.

That's not true. There is always next time, next week even. I don't need a birthday to celebrate where God is moving around me. I'm often catching myself thinking that it's only on the big days or a-ha moments, or on put together blog posts that I can share my voice or the things that keep me up at night.

I'm seeing more and more that at the heart of us all is community, if we will allow it. God is a relational God and He gives us each other in so many different forms. Community is my neighbor, who I called when once again, the apartment started leaking, beyond late last night. Community are the life-long friends I've made, knowing that they know everything about my story and love me because of that. Community is this community, these words, and you. It's reading your words. It's knowing, even if two people read what I write, that somehow, we are connected and it matters.

Real life community is a place where I get to have birthday parties. But, who said I can't do it online, too?

So, my online birthday party is taking place now, a week late, and the point of the party is to celebrate a release of a book project that I've been talking about for awhile now. Happy Birthday to Couch Rebels tomorrow!

I love stories. And community. And crowd-written books. So, as a birthday present to me, since most of you didn't know it was my birthday and didn't have to get me any presents, check out more of the skinny on the book release here and the cause that we're all really psyched about, blood water mission. It's the reason we wrote for the book, anyway.

Birthday pop quiz:

Question: When is Couch Rebels being released?

Answer: TOMORROW! That's right. Tomorrow, August 14.

Oh, yes, you can buy the book then and tell all your friends, thanks for asking!!!

Story tellers and story lovers unite. Come potatoes and non potatoes, everyone's welcome at the party!

Real question for y'all: what is one thing that you've learned since sharing YOUR story with people?

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