Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lalala Presents

It's a gift to find music that speaks to the soul and sings one's language.

My music interests have become more eclectic of late.

Here are a few that I've come across recently that I wanted to share because they are some new (and a few old) lovelies:

"The Coffee Song" Yvonne Lyons

This singer/songwriter sings my songs. I love the instrumental. And love that she has a braid in her hair. Lalalala, this video makes me smile. God's present to me.

Sidebar with this song: Do you give yourself permission to have some "stay right here" moments? Today was one of those for me. I had big plans, ideas in store for going out and exploring and maybe even taking a day trip to the beach. But. Then. I. Crashed. 

When I was at the beach in late spring, I had the idea of getting some kind of braid or feather braid done to my hair, because you know, that seems normal when you're at the beach and walking around in sandals and sundresses (not that that's different than my normal dress..).

But, I'm still digging braids right now. I wasn't quite sure what was out there in the braid world because I don't care for trends, but I decided to google it. Here's a little snip-it of what came up here and here.

This is all a little strange/interesting to me, but not nearly as interesting as what I saw when images popped up for babies and Mick Jagger. I really don't know what to say.

Here are some more songs I'm lovin' right now:

"Giving It All" Michael Gungor Band

"Crags and Clag" Gungor

"Build Your Kingdom Here" Rend Collective Experiment (Irish Christian Folk Band!!)

"Who You Are" JJ Heller

"Dawn to Dusk" All Sons and Daughters

"We only have today,
So let us now begin.
From dawn to dusk.
We're waking up.

Tomorrow's freedom is today's surrender."

Linking with Lisa-Jo and others a day late, as my typical. The prompt this week is Present. Happy Weekend!