Saturday, July 20, 2013

July Julie

Sunny July, I belong here with you.

I remember when the kids mispronounced my name: July. Julie -- July?
I went with it, until eventually they realized it was the name of a month -- not my name.
But, in a way, there's some truth there.
Cookouts, swimming, sun-days, no school (I still follow my education-minded calendar), July, you are still my favorite.


I take a few extra pictures in July, to catch the friends, and the glimpses of beach, and well, the yellow.
Friends, this is not me, but when one plays a game called "let's wear everything yellow," it sticks. And others like to help you out.

This is me with the large beach hat.

Here is a glimpse of what I like to call "the tree painting."

And lovely friends....

Half of the American flag, posing for a picture atop my cake.

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