Thursday, July 4, 2013

4 {plus 2 more} on the Fourth

1. Today's Declaration: Forgotten Voices

2. Mental Floss: 50 Great Facts About The 50 States

Apparently, I'm in a good state to like sweet potatoes.  :)

3. Bread & Wine Book Club: Incourage

4. Couch Rebel Stories, courtesy of Cause Pub 

Sidebar: I'm fascinated by people's stories and adventures.
Some catch your eye like this one and this one (from the blog). Sidebar: You might want to read the latter if you have a friend named Billy who no one else can see. 

5. What Guarding Your Heart Really Means : Relevant Magazine

6. Bono's Interview with Focus on the Family

 Happy Fourth everyone! Much love.

P.S. What state {or country} are you reading from? What is a fun fact we might not know about the place you call home?


  1. hi!

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! :)

    you have such a great blog here - excited to follow along.

    i'm from canada - i have no clue what's true and what's not about what americans think of us but we don't ride polar bears, only sometimes drink maple syrup, we're most definitely not a state [haha;)] but we really do say "eh" a lot. haha.

    glad to "meet" you! :)


    1. Thanks for coming by and following along, Alyssa! Great to meet you, too. I have some sweet friends I've met over the years from Canada! I've been there a couple times, but would love to explore and learn more at some point!!