Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Things I Learned in June

I think I learned and discovered a lot of different things in June (many of which came from my Ohio adventures). This may have happened because I paid more attention this month. I knew I would be linking up with Emily and others. What a gift to stay awake to what is in front of you. If only I can remember to live this every day!

Check it out and join in...

1. Sea glass. We've wondered for awhile what people were up to by Lake Erie waters. I decided to try to join in the fun. I'm still a novice!

2. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is chock-full of goodies.

Music Legends. Interactive videos and music. Learning about people because apparently I know only a little about the musicians I hear all the time (I like oldies).

I came away with a harmonica from the Rock and Roll store. I almost bought a maraca.
"Is this how it's supposed to sound?" I ask my dad, playing the harmonica. "Not really," he says. I think I'm onto something. I like it a lot.

3. Wearing a shirt that says "Don't Hate" is a good conversation starter. I specifically love it when sweet, older people call my shirt "foolishness," warmly, of course.


Neighbors really love to help you out and warn you and your friends of impeding tornados so you will get out of the pool. The moral of this story is neighbors are great and community in various forms is good for the heart.

5. Songza. I discovered it this month, from a friend. Enough said.

6. I like airports. Though 'traveling' itself is not always my friend, I love the experience and adventure. I met a new friend who worked in an airport café when it was slow on a Saturday morning and it seemed we shared some things in common (i.e.: we both wondered 'why is everyone bustling around the airport on a given Saturday morning?'/ 'we would not be up if we didn't have to be') and we share things that are different like she was from a different country and her life sounded interesting with what seemed like a brilliant four-year-old girl but also so hard because she had to work constantly.

7. I might be getting a Southern accent. Someone in the North told me, so it must be true.