Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Good Thing About Clocks Lying

And of all things, the clock in the room is slow. I mean, someone kept it that way. It's not fast, and it's not on time. It's slow. I had no idea until just now.

When do we ever let time slow us?

But it's fitting. Clocks like these could cause a calamity for some. But, it's a week of telling myself there is no rush. So, I'll let the clock tell me its time-lie for the night. I'm on my Midwestern vacation, you know, where you order tea and it comes unsweet, where somehow the summer, without fail, is scorching hot, where you find an afternoon storm that only lasts 30 minutes, not to disrupt the very nice sunbathing.

It's Monday (according to my clock!) and I keep longing for seeing those gifts that are everywhere. 

I long for beauty. It's hard still. There are moments and days I'd rather let pass by without doing this. It's not natural for me most of the time. I can see the good, but then I also find when I can't see the good. Then there's my dad, quick to see the good or offer it in most any situation.

I pray my pulse will be filled with much more wonder and awe and much less frantic flurry.

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