Thursday, May 9, 2013

When You Want to Literally Work on the Beach and Getting the Travel Bug

Soak it up.

So my friend tells me as we’re about to leave the beach.
You might have to be your very own first client here, she says, seeing my face as we walk away.
She knows the beach does something to me. And about my dream of setting up shop (counseling, that is) right there on the beach, close to the steps, for people when they are leaving. Cause you know, most people get pretty sad when they leave something like that.
Why not make the best of both worlds? Beach life and counseling?

How about triple it -  I'll write while I’m waiting for people to come by.
I think it could work.

So there are also a lot of kids in need here, say the locals, when they hear we are there for a social work conference, and I'm pretty sure it’s a plug to come live in Wilmington. I wonder if that will only further feed this dream of mine to live by the water. 
Either way, all I can say is that a work-get-away on the beach is a wonderful idea. A conference on the beach, even though it is distracting, was created by smart people.



I found out some things on my mini-trip, and rediscovered a few more. Here is my condensed blog version:
1. Despite my love of travel, right now, I consider going two hours a trip. I recognize that I have a lot of luggage and for some reason (thank you, storage closet I can finally see the bottom of), I don't use half of it. These things alert me that I need to travel more. 

No time but now. Is that a bumper sticker? Probably, or else it should be. 
2. Beach locals are friendly. They stop and talk with you. Which I love. We walked into a jewelry shop and a half hour later after talking to the owner, my friend and had I learned more than we knew before about Wilmington, that the name Marlo (store owner's name) is the coolest name ever, and I bought a watch. Maybe I should have bought the watch first..oh, the beauty of not being in a rush.
3. Off season at the beach is very calm. We do not see tourists, which is great. Except, I am a tourist. Which way to the surf shop?
4. Surfers are a dime a dozen. Surfing lessons are promoted and encouraged. The chances of me staying up on a surfboard are slim to none, but it still sounds fun. Updates to come if we take them up on it.
5. It doesn’t matter where you stay when you go to the beach as long as you have an opportunity to come up with a rap song about the motel/hotel.

6. I have never seen anyone literally work on the beach
People might say it wouldn't be fun
But I think, more time for the sun
The beach is for play
They say
Still it is worth a shot
Why not?
*this was not intended to be a Dr. Seuss-esk poem. it just ended up that way.
Where have you been lately and what has surprised you about that place?
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  1. Oh yes...I pack way to much on my trips. You make me want to get on the plane and go to the beach!

    1. Go, go, go. Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  2. As someone who lived on an island for 3 years, I say YES and GO FOR IT and fist bump to you, sister.

    Wonderful idea.

    Such a fun post, Julie. Thank you *so* much for linking up!

    1. Thanks for coming by , Kristen. I'm curious which island you lived on :) Some good friends are island-bound this weekend!

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