Friday, May 24, 2013

The View From Good-bye

GO: I officially hate good-byes.

The view from midnight when your best friend is moving away the next day is you being happy that it's been a good, long day and you still get a few more hours the next day before she runs (or drives) off to live on the islands. Your writing flows together and makes sense and has a purpose.

Because at midnight, when I'm still wired from staring at boxes all day and now I'm staring up at the new, crazy fun tree painting in my living room that we carted around for hours, somehow, you can see how the distance between here and there isn't that far away.

But then, today, when I say good-bye, I remember that I hate good-byes, and yes an island really is far away, and I don't think my writing is going to make as much sense right now.

Right now all I can think about is that my eyes hurt a little bit and I'm going to the store because I don't have any dessert-type food here and that is very wrong. And I think about how I came home and cleaned and threw out some of my own stuff because downsizing is a good thing, and no I don't need plastic Easter eggs and 13 old phone books and how is it that I still cannot find a hammer in this place?

So I read a post by Amy recently about good-byes and immediately felt that ping of sad.

There are many ways to say good-bye. Sometimes there are many words. I thought I was a loud good-bye kind of person like her daughter's best friend.

Nope. Nope. Nope. 

Sometimes there really isn't anything that needs to be said that hasn't already been said, that won't be said later that day - when you talk again - even if not in plain sight. That is my favorite kind of good-bye, and also the worst kind all together. 
It implies a real friendship, one that won't be replaced and one that makes sense, even when lots of other things don't.

I'm thankful for that.


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  1. I'm so sorry you have to say good-bye to such a dear friend. I've said good-bye so many times, so I have an idea of your pain. I pray you'll be able to keep in touch with phone calls and skype.

    1. Thank you for saying that. It's true. Thanks for coming by and sharing your words!

  2. Goodbyes are so hard. I am sorry, but it sounds like your friendship will withstand the miles of separation. Blessings!

    1. Yes, indeed. Thanks for visiting and for your sweet words.

  3. Goodbyes are never easy. Praying for you.

  4. I love you, sweet friend. Thankful for you and for Skype and for a future visit!