Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Like a dog jumping into a pool"


brave can be even just a few words. it can be choosing to write when otherwise you'd keep quiet. it is a your-story-can-be-told-a-thousand-different-ways but choosing to find the good. which doesn't mean seeing everything with glittering eyes but choosing to run with the gift that is this life.

because life is going to keep being a celebration whether we take part or not.

a school cancelling classes because it's just too nice? :

yes, please!

reminders of how to write a book. or how to write anything you really want to say..."like a dog jumping into a pool." :

thank you!

a can't-get-enough of video reminding me that bravery = freedom and these girls in the video know what's up, and thank you sarah bareilles and lisa-jo for sharing. :

to be real matters.


five minute friday: BRAVE


  1. I've enjoyed visiting your blog! Enjoyed your writing and your count of gifts!