Monday, May 20, 2013

for a monday

I'd like to talk about everyday life for a little bit.

Here's what's going on in my everyday right now: I get a little crazy when I play games. Last night, I laughed more than I had in about a month (it was good). I eat about 3 bananas every day. Work and life have been hectic and hard, but I'm seeing more and more that God is always good and with every season that looks like drought, there is newness around the corner, even in the smallest ways. I'm starting to cook more again. I'm trying out dishes on some guinea pigs.

I'm open to possibilities. 

Sometimes in the midst of my excitement about dishing out little snipits of thoughts or inspiration


and what is going on in my head after reading things in blogworld, I forget that everyday life can be surprising. 

Everyday life doesn't seem that interesting to me. I've been working on that awhile, because most of the time, when I look around and let myself, I find out that's what makes a life.

I joke with my friends that I am not one of those people who likes to update others on the minor goings-on in my life, whether it through facebook, etc., not because I am afraid of getting personal, but because it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. I guess I haven't been used to it before. Who wants to hear about my breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Exactly.

Still, I've been learning something lately. While I still don't really want to hear (on facebook mainly) about how you are eating broccoli or just finished a load of wash - and I doubt you want to hear that I just ate my third banana of the day - I believe it's in the small moments of life where we get to make choices, where we begin to celebrate what God is doing in the ordinary, where tiny seeds start to grow.

Counting gifts helps me appreciate the everyday. I didn't realize until I kept this process up how hard this could be for me at times. But as I've really stopped to acknowledge that even the smallest things were gifts, and yes, the big things too, it's been reshaping this big picture girl's mentality.

To be able to see the big picture is a gift, but not if we don't see even those little, little spots and markings that make up the page, too.
Big picture gifts I've been counting:

164. sunshine
165. my mom
166. a working body
167. a job
168. somewhere to live
169. freedom in Christ
170. salvation
171. sleep
172. church
173. sweet friends
174. going to the beach
175. smart doctors
176. people to love and people who love
177. the kiddos I work with

Little picture gifts that make my page full:
178. friends who open their homes
179. pandora radio tunes
180. small group, laughter, and games. enough said.
181. fun/possibility inappropriate t-shirts that make me laugh
182. art with kids!
183. Truth and what we know for sure
186. new furniture
187. having a party for great friends - happy moments despite the sad of a leaving

What is God doing in your everyday? Who is in your everday, who are you letting be part?

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