Sunday, May 26, 2013

Favorites From the Week

I think I'm slowly becoming more visual. And as I've shared on here before, I now like art.

I secretely hope that my kids will be little artists someday, or little musicians, not because I wasn't, but because I don't think everyone has to be the same. {doing} Art - and {playing} music stretch me. It's been in my adult life that I've come to find these things fun and not anxiety-provoking, especially art. Music was always fun for me, but I could not play it to save my life.

I think little easels are amazing, and I'd love for every kid to own a smock. Remember, this was the once little girl who hated art class and thought paint shirts were silly.

Now art is story to me, in all forms.

When we sit down to be present with people and with art, especially when the two combine, wonderful things can happen. Hypothetically speaking, you can attempt to relearn the most basic piano duet ever with kids who know how to play the piano better than you and you see them exercise patience as you mess up the keys and then you decide you are going to rock it out with them because you finally learn the tune.

You can participate in painting with your friend's son and do art and play play-dough and perhaps things go a little overboard sometimes. Then there is paint in the hair.

I love a good story, but I continue learning stories show up in many different venues and platforms and art forms. Here are a few of my favorite stories from around the world and the media that I found this week:

1. Christian Music Zine : Shane & Shane - Bring Your Nothing (Review): I love it when we hear the gospel story told in music. Says the author of the review,  Joshua Andre, this "Bring Your Nothing" is that "We don’t have to fix ourselves up or make ourselves ‘right’ with God first, and that’s the beauty of grace."

2. A book review by Belly Acres, Alabama : Trusting God When Bad Things Happen, a book by my friend Shelley Hitz.

3. Cut the But :  An encouraging message by Lysa Terkeurst. When insecurities don't get the final say so.

4. Change the Story, by one of my favorite favorites, Shauna Niequist. How I can relate.

5. "The Odd Life of Timothy Green".  The movie was sweet. I watched it this weekend.
This scene made me laugh. My friend turns to me as we're watching and says, I can see you doing that (a.k.a. dancing/busting out loud noises like the mom?) Gotta love it.

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