Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clowns and Line Dancers

Calling all clowns and line dancers!

I saw an ad on Craigs List that was interesting to me. {No judging} It said:

"We are looking for a clown to come to our facility once monthly to do some tricks or just to tell some jokes..."

The ad also asked for line dancers. I'm not sure how they go together, but sure.

Is this for real? Yes, I think so. Craigs List has everything. Even clowns and dancers, apparently.

So I have a teeny tiny dream of being a Patch Adams wannabe.

For the record, I have no real 'clown' abilities, apart from juggling. I love to juggle though.

I asked my friend about this whole thing today. She asked me if I knew any tricks? Um, no. Last time I checked, my magic trick set was plastic and hadn't been used since I was 8.

But, it seems like recently I keep gabbing about some of my medical dreams to just be there with kids and families as they have to deal with difficult realities in the hospital, etc., and I've been thinking, what would make it even more wonderful is getting to do creative things with them, give them moments apart from what may be a constant struggle - moments to dream, time to laugh and play.

If I end up doing this in some of these new settings in life, it may or may not involve dressing up and making a fool of myself, but it's not out of the question.

Question: Are you afraid of clowns? Would you ever dress up as one if it was for a cause you cared about?

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