Sunday, April 14, 2013



Here, right here, is a blip. It is light and momentary. This I remind myself.
I catch moments with friends; their laughter, a gentle hand on my shoulder - it warms my heart. I sing 'It is well with my soul' and believe this is true.
Here is not always easy but it is real and the Lord supplies what we need for this moment, gives us this grace.
My friend hands me back the book I once gave her, "Eat Your Peas Faithfully."  To remember  simple truths.

For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. - Joshua 1:9

God's love for us does not change. Our lives change...seasons change.

"Like the seasons, we are restored and made new again.

Have faith!

Each spring the earth warms, and all is made new again. Tiny seeds majestically bloosom into exquisite fragrant flowers. Sleepy caterpillars transform into magnificent butterflies. And our dormant hearts awaken and come alive to the sun's life-giving rays.
Isn't God amazing?" - Cheryl Karpen, Eat Your Peas

Have faith.


Linking up for Five Minute Friday (so late). Praying your lives - and mine - are lined with hope and peace and peas this week.