Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Get Off Your Couch, Julie!

"Get off your/the couch, Julie!"

So says my friend (half) jokingly.

I have to ask.

Are you a couch-rebel?! Check out this cause (thank you, Amy, for introducing me to it). Instead of donating money, they're asking for your creative juices.

Ever since I heard about it a couple weeks ago, frankly, couches have been filling up my conversations (thank you, friends, for bearing with me on that).

There are no potatoes allowed.

For the past few weeks, I've been assessing whether or not I should be included in this category.
I'm not going to lie - I love me a good couch. But I know, I know, it's better to get up, get going, and see this beautiful world.

There are moments and seasons for couches. I joked with my friends that at the current time I am enjoying couch-hopping (ie: I like to visit them and sit down for a nice chat on a comfy couch). And there are moments (or strings of time) where you might sit on your very own couch because you need a break and it's comfortable and that makes sense.

But, there is only so much you can see or do if you're sitting on a couch. Hypothetically speaking.

Remember, for every book sold, Blood:Water Mission can provide three people with clean water for one year!

Check it out at

(And then check out a couple fun music videos to get you moving today!)

Ho Hey

It's Time


  1. And where is your entry?? I clicked over to read it, and didn't see anyting. Enter, enter, enter!

    ps I always love videos. It's fun to hear what people are into.

    1. Hi there friend, thanks for the nudge. :)
      Mine is up now.

  2. how silly. my old comment never posted. it was something about hoping you were off the couch today or something else no longer relevant...

  3. Love the videos you added! Not gonna lie, those songs DO get my feet going. Nice touch, and thanks for submitting a story! You're awesome!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to connect with Cause Pub!