Friday, April 26, 2013


I need more than five minutes to write about friends...

More than I like to talk about the troubles of the world and pain and all the craziness out there, I like to write about friends.  Just sayin'.

The adventure of friendship is like a big room of balloons to me (I happen to be watching a movie with all sorts of colorful balloons in it as we speak. And I love balloons, so it only makes sense).

*I hope to write a book about community someday {yes, I have many ideas for books, but this is one of them, bear with me}, and my friends will be in it. I'm pretty sure I've had this conversation with my good friend Liz. We decided that perhaps others might not understand the stories that will go in it, but it will still be amusing (one can hope). And if not, it will still be amusing for me. I will be sure to include some inspirational thought. Don't worry.

A word about friends:
For some reason, this song keeps coming to mind. Yes, I know, old school.

But, I know I can call my friends. You have no idea what that means. I am not from this crazy digital age. I still like the 'phone.' Thank you, friends, that I know I can call late into the night, when life turns heavy.

Unless you are a friend who does not prefer the phone. Then perhaps I visit you at your house at random times. I probably enjoy sitting on your couch.

Thank you, friends for giving me a song to sing through to brighter days :) Oh the theme song...

Thank you, friends, because you're not afraid to speak truth. In love.

Thank you, friends, because I sing songs with you because karaoke is still where it's at.

Thank you, friends, because over and over I learn how good it is to laugh. And that it's okay to cry sometimes. Thank you for crying with me.

Thank you, friends, for asking real questions.

Thank you, friends, for praying with me.

Thank you, friends, that I have come to see God more clearly in my life because of you.

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  1. Over here from Five Minute Friday. Beautiful post. Friends are so important.

  2. Awe, beautiful FMF post! And great pictures!!

  3. Thanks for all the encouragement, ladies!

  4. I was feeling terrible when I realized I didn't qualify for the late night phone calls...then I read the next part and immediately felt better. Love you Julie-friend.

    1. I know I can call you. But yes, I'm thankful to get to see you in person. Love you too, friend!