Monday, April 15, 2013

a prayer

You remind me, it is true. Your love is my constant. I want to worship you. I know I'm still broken, splintered pieces, but not to You. You see me whole because you are the whole one, even when you give up everything for me.

For every wandering, or wannabe understood or want-to-understand soul, what do you hear when you ask "is it true?"

I love this above article. Read it if you get time. Then go read The Giving Tree.

Author Brenning Manning passed away this Friday. He was an interesting man. He even knew Shel Silverstein. Manning wrote books that spurred me on. His books like Ragamuffin Gospel and Ruthless Trust remind us of grace and that we are deeply loved. Praise God for this good news.

Recently in my journal I wrote out something I read in one of his books because it caught my attention.
It started with a prayer. I prayer that I could be more open to honesty, this "precious commodity" that requires we keep telling the truth to ourselves and to God.

"Many of us do not want the truth about ourselves. It does not distance us from God, but draws us to Him, as nothing else can, and opens us anew to the flow of grace."

Thank you God that you hear me. That I can't receive true life on my own. Thank you that when I hide away you find me. That even though I wrestle with you, and want to know answers, you teach me I can just be with you.


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  1. Really enjoyed this post. Stopping by from Nacole's blog.

    1. Thanks Ruth! Great connecting with you.

  2. Thank you for this. I need to read some of this man's words; it sounds as if the world is a little worse off now that he's gone.
    It's an interesting question that you pose; do we want the truth about ourselves? I wonder. On one hand if I saw myself as I really am I fear that I'd be horrified at the darkness and grubbiness inside me, but if I saw myself as God sees me then I'd see a beautiful, precious daughter of the King who is perfect in his sight, because He looks at me and sees the perfection of Jesus.
    And that blows my mind.
    Thank you.
    Visiting from Concretewords. See you again soon.

  3. "That I can just be with you." Yes, friend, this. Thanks for linking up, Julie! Kimberly Coyle will be hosting at her place next Monday on "the Sink". {I'll be out of town}

  4. Have you read Jesus Calling? This post reminded me of that book.