Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Basements and The Not So Glamorous

There's something that can be a little scary and risky and bold with blog posts. Perhaps I don't write enough of those the way I don't bring enough people 'into the mess' but I love how Shauna Niequest puts it with her new book Bread and Wine, the same way I loved what she said in Cold Tangerines, that sometimes you have to fully enter, you just have to let others in.

It might be hard sometimes because what people could find is there are things that are not so glamorous. And that's okay. Most of us aren't glamorous all the time but we might play the part. We forget about the fact that we all have what Shauna points out are those 'basements' in our lives that we don't want anyone to come up too close to get a good look at. We're talking real ones, mind you, mucky old basements with stored up boxes whose items make no sense.

But, also, basements are the underbelly of who we are, the parts that get uncomfortable, stressed out or embarrassed. They might just be small parts of who you are that you didn't even know were there until you let people get real close. She says that when you let people see the basements of your life and they like you anyway, then yes, those are "really and truly from Jesus, your friends."

This sticks with me because life is not always so glamorous. Neither are basements.

I actually really liked basements when I was little (the real life kind). We didn't have a basement in the houses we lived in for many years and so then it was always a little bit of a foreign place to me. As in, I didn't go down there much. Even though it was a bit more interesting than the rest of the house, parts were unfinished, parts were messy, and, let's be honest: it was Ohio, it was a basement, so it was very cold to me. 

It's good to have basement friends. And friends with their own kind of basement places, too.

Funny thing is I don't have a true-to-life basement these days but I still have plenty of 'basements' to name... a well-worn (out) closet, a (not so clean) car I practically live out of, a storage unit outgrowing itself with too many odd objects, socks that can't find their mate, walls with no artwork. The unglamorous.

Basements aren't glamorous, and sometimes neither are we am I.

There might be times we are glamorous, but that's for a different post all together. :)

*And a plug for Bread and Wine, Shauna's new book! Check, check, check it out...

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