Saturday, March 16, 2013

dear miss buttons

it was a strange thing. in my sleep, i saw my youngen self. like five years old.

press rewind to fingerpainting and little, little tables and jumping rope and learning to count. carefree and rest and naps and singing songs all day long.

i woke up rested. it was a nice dream.

i remember kindergarten. i was miss buttons. we all got to be a letter person. i wore a dress with buttons all over it. i played the part. i never forgot the letter b.

do you remember kindergarten? some days i feel like i've never quite left it: i still visit kindergarten (and first grade, and second grade, and third grade..) from time to time for my job. times have changed but certain things remain when you're that young.

then you grow up. you forget what it's like to twirl and dance and rest. but miss buttons knew how to do these things.

if i could ask miss buttons some questions, i think i'd first ask her this: how was it, you live wire you, that somehow you could still rest even though you never seemed to need to sleep? wasn't there a difference between rest and sleep? could you pass that along in the next couple decades when life would get busy and your dresses don't have buttons on them any longer?

could you spare five minutes for writing, miss buttons?

will you still make time for rest, real rest, even if that means dancing and singing and looking at the stars?

will you still dance even when the rhythm changes?

*inspired by five minute friday: Rest

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  1. Hi Julie, I found you on Five Minute Friday. I loved your post and even smiled thinking about some memories I have from Kindergarten years! I can happily say that even though I may move to a different rhythm, I very much love to dance and look at the stars! I think God created us to dance under the stars He created.
    More Grace!
    Donna ( -- More Grace) @donnamaeharris