Tuesday, March 19, 2013


"We look too much at museums. The sun coming up in the morning is enough."
-Romare Bearden

So I like doing art these days. It's taken me awhile to get there. Slowly, slowly, slowly says the sloth.

In the past, when I thought of art, I thought of it as an extension of Art class, and I hated Art class. When I was young, I used to think I only ever created one decent artwork in my whole life. It was this odd looking painted tower of wood blocks with letters and designs on them that for some reason my parents kept around the house. That made no sense to me as a kid because I was sure everyone knew I wasn't good at art. Even my art teacher in elementary school. I always wondered if I was the weird one because all the kids loved Art class, you know, it being an elective and all, but it was my least favorite class by far. Drawing and ceramics and painting and more drawing. Sign me up for fingerpainting but that was it.

Before I knew art could mean many things, Art to me meant 'you are no good' and 'look I can make a strange configeration out of blocks.'  Instead of ever giving it a shot, I would only ever draw stick people and avoided games like Pictionary unless I was forced.

Maybe not everyone has to like or do art, but I love creative things (hence the blog). So why not? I started to ask myself in the not too distant past.

You know what I found? Art (art) is relaxing to me. Even drawing can be (eek, did I say that?). It is fun when I do it with freedom and for the right reasons.
I haven't taken up drawing and painting and these things as a regular pasttime at the moment. I don't necessarily plan to get an easel, but I do get a tad bit excited everytime I buy more markers and colored pencils for the kids I work with, I've come to learn about art journaling and love it, I like to mess with paint, and I don't care anymore if I'm good or not. 

Drawing, like other forms of art for me (like writing), cause me to slow. Painting and writing and singing, these things do something to me on a soul level, I think, if I let them, that cause me to see better.

what does art do for you? what do you consider art?

"Sailing, like bicycle riding or music, demanded one live a moment at a time."
-Ridley Pearson

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