Friday, February 1, 2013



Sometimes I want the world to see the polished me. Most of the time I just want the world to just see the unscripted me. I write and talk and ramble on about living in the here and now, the right where God has you, the it-is-enough because He is enough, all of it I believe, but many of the times I've still chosen to see scared. To live the afraid and the What Is Next instead of the This Moment Is Grace.

Most All of the time I want to break apart the lies I hear out there, the lies that little girls (and boys) have to try to be good enough, have to fear measuring up, have to look certain way, except when I was that girl and I didn't know it wasn't the truth.

Thank you, God, that you tell us perfect love casts out fear. That you remind us that we can breathe peace and freedom in You. Thank you that you have lit the way out of the afraid and our polished, try to be perfect selves that underneath tell a whole different story anyway. Thank you that you allow us to know you and this is peace. 


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