Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I don't cry that much. I think my norm is to think i'm tougher than I am. So the other day, I kept coming across the word 'selah' in the Bible as I was reading, and I realized, this word makes me cry.

It's as if God shows me time and time again through the Psalms how to step down from where I am and to reflect on Him. To find rest in Him.

I've 'lived' in a reactive and intervening job for so long; it has been difficult at times to sidestep a mindset that aligns with need. need, need, need. Must be in tune to where is there need?

This is not always a bad thing, this lifestyle. Sometimes I question it, but it helps to understand people's realities better and that we all have it: this need.

But, like a math problem gone wrong, living out of this place in my relationship with Jesus can be problematic.

I know I can go to Him with my need, and certainly bring my requests and needs to Him, but there are times when I can do well to remember that God is not an emergency God. He is one who delivers but so much more than that. 

There are ebenezers to raise up, where?

Where has He already provided, where is He laying a foundation?

It's in the pause that I can see this, to be thankful.

There will always be need. I am aware of this - the need in me, the need in others. God has given me grace upon grace for this. But, ah, to reflect and remember. To pause... selah.

*How is God helping you to pause, friends? Why does it matter?

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