Thursday, February 14, 2013

for your valentine's day

for your valentine's day, may this day not just be about getting a sugar rush or heart necklaces and pink patterned socks (okay, I did a kindergarten valentine's day today so I'm kind of talking about that, but I may or may not be wearing bright pink striped socks today).

may your day be a reminder of Who loved us first, God who shows us what love really means and somehow an off-shoot of how wild and crazy loving He is for us, we get to do silly things for others like give valentines in boxes when you're five and tell people who matter to you - that they matter to you. may you remember He who is out to cover you with His grace and may you be reminded of this even if you have days that are not pink or purple or red.

may your valentine's day be sweet, people. you're loved.


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