Tuesday, January 1, 2013

When You Like to Stare at Snow, To-Do Lists, and Movement

It's 2013! In blogworld though, I'm a little behind. I'm okay with that though. I'm still catching up to my thoughts on Christmas.

I was in Ohio for Christmas and it was a fun time. A few days into the trip, amidst the relaxed busyness of preparations and late into the night family gatherings, I decided it was time to make a to-do list, you know, to get back to reality a little bit. Actually, all I really wanted to do was watch four inches of snow fall to the ground. Which I did.

I really wondered how I was going to get back to my to-do list. I had some things to do to get myself semi-organized for the new year, but who was I kidding? There was snow! I could not focus on being productive with my to-do list. I live in North Carolina now. So snow is a big deal for me. Apparently, so much so that my dad caught me staring at the snow at breakfast long enough that he stole my to-do list.
I wish I had taken a picture of this list. 
In a mad dash to actually "do something productive" for a bit while on vacation, my dad added a list of other random things "to-do" like reading and eating, none of which we might think were very productive but are necessary (for most people). Some of which were things he just observed me doing.
One was "staring at snow in trace-like state."
I checked that one off nicely, thank you very much.
I admit, at times it's been difficult for me to think outside the box. I've been working on this concept of living amongst the gray space for awhile now.
So I think to-do lists are a little bit like resolutions. A lot of people either excitedly or begrudgingly make them.  I have to say I've been in the latter category in recent years. I don't think resolutions work or are too meaningful most of the time. Typically, I end up feeling defeated at their short-lived run.
I'm starting to think that if I want to resolve for something, really resolve to consider something different for a new year to come, I want it linked up to what I'm passionate about. 
Instead of striving to try, I want to consider how to align them with my passions. Instead of resolutions having to look a certain way, I want to notice what God might be doing in my life. Here's some ideas for next year:
-Teen Girls: Start a group with teen girls in the area. Attend trainings to get more experience on certain topics like body image, self-harm, abuse, etc.
-Writing: Short term: go to a conference.
-Ministry: This is a thought in progress. Maybe in connection with number 1. Or get more involved with orphans local and international and explore this with missions opportunities.
What are some of your ideas for the new year?

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