Thursday, January 31, 2013

Roller Blades

"That's what I want my life to be, like a well-loved gift. I want to live in a way that shows how much I appreciate the gift. If life were a sweater, I would wear it every day. I wouldn't save it for a special occassion. I would find every opportunity to wear that sweater and I'd wear it proudly, shamelessly, for days on end."
 Shauna Niequest, Cold Tangerines

I remember one year I got roller blades for Christmas. I was so excited. I remember using them in my grandparents basement but thinking that they were so special I didn't want to wear them out and use them "for real" outside. At some point, I grew out of these roller blades. This is what happens when you're a kid, however, it was a sad day because I really did love those roller blades.

I believe later on I had another pair because I remember that roller blading became a regular past-time for me for quite a few years behind our house. The memories are still vivid of doing turns and going backwards and what it felt like to stop (or hit something and fall) on those rollerblades. True story: I had wrist and elbow guards at one point, and a helmet. I may have looked foolish but I took quite a few hits doing my tricks.

Through the years my old way of saving something special "for later" has stuck with me. Why do that? Overtime, I learned that while childhood me liked to "save up" for a rainy day or keep special things special in case they broke or got worn down, it was better to enjoy the gift that was given to me now. What I found was if you wait for later to come, your feet may be too small.

Have you ever held onto life like a pair of fresh, unused roller blades?

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