Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dream a Dream

"But this joyful, imaginative, impassioned energy dies out of us very young. Why? Because we do not see that it is great and important, because we let dry obligation take its place; because we don't respect it in ourselves and keep it alive by using it; and because we don't keep it alive in others by listening to them."

-Brenda Ueland, "If You Want to Write"

When I was young, the book "If You Want to Write" was one of the first books on writing given to me. I loved the title because it always seemed like a no-brainer. How could anyone not want to write? This was what I most wanted to do.

Here's to the "joyful, imaginative, impassioned energy." May it not die out of us, whatever it be for and may you find ways to dream a little and encouragement to keep dreaming.

-don’t give up on your dream.
Even when life takes over, comes full force and it is easy to feel a pang of guilt for doing something you love over doing something you “have” to do, do it anyway.

-don't let other people tell you what your dreams should be.

No matter where I go in life and no matter what I do, for work or otherwise, I know a few things will stay constant. One of them is writing. What is it for you? Writing is a dream of mine but it's also a present reality.

If we listen only to the voices that tell us what our dreams should be, they won't have the chance to become our realities.

-make (a) goal (s)

Planning for the future gives dreams a chance to take shape. Sometimes this is hard for me. I'm an ideas girl. Part of me expects things to just happen naturally. This is not how life generally works. I preach making goals and can do it when it comes to things I can see, but for my visions and dreams, it's often harder to outline them. If you're like me, it helps to start small and figure out how ideas can be turned into action steps.
*** aka: if you're a blogger, pick an idea for the year to write about, such as BOLDNESS, and start writing about it. Write about what it's like to jump in. Take steps to write about new things even if it's not always easy.

-be around encouraging people
Don't you love people who can envision your goals and dreams and get excited with you? These are my favorite kind of people and the only ones I spend time with. Just kidding. But, it helps to acknowledge and reflect on those keepers who continue to encourage you no matter what.

-keep dreaming

Some dreams die. Sometimes I hate to admit it. We might try and keep them alive past their shelf life. But it's okay to let them go. Sometimes dreams change. 
As God shows you more and more who He made you and designed you uniquely to be, it's likely you'll go in a few different directions completely. God is the great Author behind the story he is forming with your life...and it is good.

*** my word for this year is bold. in what ways are you being courageous in your life? in what ways can you take more risks and be bold in places you've not stepped out before?

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