Saturday, January 12, 2013


One day soon I hope to get back to the pool on a regular basis, but since it's winter that will likely only happen if I swim at the gym, starting with reactivating my membership. Want to know a secret? That's why I joined in the first place.

I'm one of those swimmers who loves the water and could spend all day there but I'm not professional about it by any means. When I go to the "lap pool" I see swimmers who stay in their designated lanes and wear fancy goggles and swim caps. I tend to forget to wear goggles and so I don't swim straight. All the while, I enjoy myself quite nicely. 

Once a diver always a diver, even though I haven't thought about diving much lately. Learning to dive is like learning to ride a bike or learning to write your name, I'm convinced. Once you know how to do it, that's all you want to do. Until you get swimmers ear or swim only in water that calls for "no diving."

It made me happy to see a kid the other day who was writing his name write it as big as he could on the piece of paper I gave him. He was little, likely had learned to write it sometime yesterday. He seemed excited to show me what he could do.

Diving can be like writing your name in big letters, or it can be the opposite. I was a slow-to-warm-up diver.  I could never understand how people could just jump in. Plus, my dives were belly smackers for the longest time.

Finally, years later, jumping in comes a little more natural to me when I need to, even with water ice cold. My dives don't look like belly smackers anymore (most of the time), but even so, I'm not afraid because I know what the water feels like flat. I don't mind that my goggles fill up with water, if I wear any at all. Like the boy who wrote his name in big letters, life is sweeter when you let go and just dive.

Inspired by Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo and others. (A little more than) five minutes writing about some of my favorite things!


  1. Love it :) We should all be bold and fill the page, shouldn't we?

    1. Yes! Thanks for your comments and the follow, April!

  2. "Once you know how to do it, that's all you want to do. Until you get swimmers ear or swim only in water that calls for 'no diving.'"

    That's how I am with most things...I can go along and feel so confident, and then when I slip up, it's hard to get back in stride, or even to feel like getting back in at all.

    Thanks for the reminder that it's okay to go about it slowly and I will soon "dive" in again.

    1. Thanks for visiting and for your thoughts. Blessings to you as you go about diving in again no matter what it looks like.