Sunday, January 20, 2013

7 Reasons Why I Like Kids

For as much as I talk about serious things and the daily grind and adulthood, I forget sometimes the joys of getting to be around kids everyday. Kids bring a joy to life that keeps you from living in the fog, keeps life from becoming predictable, and reminds you that simple things matter. Here are 7 reasons why I like kids and am thankful for them:

1. Kids seem to like the same things I do (so growing up is overrated :) ). Ice cream, magic tricks, finger painting, juggling, running around outdoors, did I mention ice cream?  

2. Kids are courageous. Some kids have to be more than others, but I'm inspired by kids.
3. Kids don't pretend, unless they are actually using their imaginations. 
4. Kids have an amazing capacity to learn new things. 

5. Kids seem to adjust better to change than most adults I know.
6. Kids get to play kickball and four square.

7. Kids don't take themselves or life too seriously.

Talk to me: what do you love about kids? Who are the kids in your life you're thankful for?