Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days to Inviting the Uninvited: Change, and When You'd Rather Be There

I saw a bumper sticker today that said: I'd Rather Be There.

Not sure where There is, but perhaps for that car, it is wherever it was going. Or had gone.

October always makes me think of change for some reason.  I often think of change like the seasons. There are seasons I like and seasons I could do without. Change I like and change that can go on ahead by. You know, like certain Octobers.

When I saw that bumper sticker, I thought of one of the first Octobers where I had a lot of change. It wasn't just October. It was fall all together that year, seven years ago (was it really that long ago?!), during my last quarter of college spent overseas. It was a wonderful, tiring, eventful, exciting, long, amazing time. Sometimes, like when I see bumper stickers that say "I'd Rather Be There," I think about Europe and the Swiss mountains and I wonder for a minute...

I wonder if a little bit of home and heart might still be there, even though those days were a small corner of my story.

I've had a lot of Octobers with change since then. I haven't gotten back to see the cowbells or trains. But they were part of my favorite October to remember.

What if the seasons help us realize, some things are only proven over time?
-Audrey Assad,
Even The Winter

Possible little known fact: both pictures in my blog header are from Switzerland during those months way back when.

Real question: When you live amongst your own 'uninvited' (s), or when difficult change happens, is there some place you'd rather be?

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