Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days of Inviting the Uninviting: Because Being Thankful Matters

There are days I don't feel thankful. There are days I have to remember the little joys. Days friends come for dinner and when you get to laugh with a neighbor about nothing at all on a walk that would make sense to an innocent bystander walking past.

These 31 days, I thought it would pretty pretty easy to chart along and invite in all the things that I typically shoo away, the unexpected, yuck parts of the everyday. I'm finding it's not that easy.

Being thankful helps. Again and again my heart needs to see the thanks, live the thanks. "A nail is driven out by another nail." -Ann says in 1000 Gifts. This drives out nails that do not need to be there, the writing and remembering the gifts. 

I lost my list this week, but their nails I pray stayed in long enough to stick with me.

132. hanging with friends and their kids...making s'mores, bonfires
133. the familiarity of people who know you
134. taking a long time and not being in a rush with a friend
135.  my sweet family!
136. October
137. worship songs on Sunday
138. remembering your dreams at night..the feeling of a good sleep
139. lovely, kind neighbors
140. finding new music - new album by Gungor!

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