Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days of Inviting the Uninvited: Who?

What does it actually mean to be an uninvited person (or squirrel)?

Yes, sure, not getting a letter, an invitation to that IT thing, or being included in the what our friends are doing. But it goes much beyond that.

We all have been the uninvited. We are all the uninvited, some way, some how. Phew, thank you, God, for that.

Thank you, God, that it's through you that we can see need, and we are pointed back to what it means to be seen by you. How you give us countless examples of what our value is and how you accept us. Thank you for the way you heal, for how you enter in pain, how you show us that you know what it's like to be neglected, outcast, and yet, you have reached the outcast, the ones who don't have a voice, who are hurting. You have healed the sick and the broken. 

You have seen me. You have seen us all for who we are.

Mathew 9:20-22 Jesus heals a bleeding woman.

He calls her daughter.

Mark 2:13-17: Jesus eats with tax collectors and sinners.

Mathew 8: 1-4: Jesus heals man with leprosy.

-Inspired to think about this idea a little different. To think about those people who are considered 'uninvited' and what that means today.