Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 days of Inviting the Uninvited: When There are Days Like That, Yes Alexander Said

There are days when I can't wrap it all up nicely. It's on those days, I struggle to write a complete post and so I watch another episode of Gilmore Girls, too tired to write about the nice invitations we should accept.

Life isn't about the 'shoulds.'
Sometimes it's more like Alexander and his very bad day. Okay, hang with me. Alexander, who is one of my literary favorites, because he knows that a lot of things can go wrong and get all mixed up, and even though he is a wee bit woo-is-me about the whole event, he doesn't shy back from the reality of life. But he LEARNS, through stating plainly about this mess and the junk, that sometimes there are days.

Yes, there are very good days. But, there are also not so good days. Alexander understands by the end, that there are also days like that even in the place he most wants to go (Australia) to get away from 'them days.' 

We forget that. Or at least I do. Let me on the next train to Switzerland - then things will be easier. Better.  Or I just want to go visit my friend and her baby in Indiana.

Whether I want to get to the place of peace or contentment with where I am or not, God teaches me that He has me where I am for a reason. That place wouldn't necessarily be better, different, right. He has me on a purpose, a plan, and sometimes the trials send me back into His care, seeing my need again, which is where I belong.

Surely, sometimes trials cause you to plunder, cause you to question what you're doing and your effectiveness, or the situation around you, but that is when the call to trust resounds even higher. It's easy to trust God is working together all things for good and His glory when things are going well, but when they're not? Then what?

The answer isn't always just pick up and move to 'Australia.'

"The Lord will fight for you. You need only be still." -Exodus 14:14

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