Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days of Inviting the Uninvited: Look Back

How we remember the past is important. God designed us to recollect our experiences and learnings. This is a good Christian-based article on why our pasts matter, but also why we don't just stop there with it cold turkey. The past can be troubling for many people. Often, we're left to ponder difficult questions or painful experiences.

I keep journals to help me remember. I don't write down every last thing that happens to me, but for years, I've charted life, even if I know things might become more clearer to me later than they are in the moment. I still want to remember how I felt at the time or what was happening then. Remembering is important for recalling what we experience, and for shining light on the work of God.

Sometimes, it's hard looking back. My journals are some of the most raw writing I have and also a place of truth-telling, reminding me what I believe.

It's there that God shows me on the pages as I look back, His mercy has been there all along.

Remembering what God has done in the past is the key to trusting him for the future.

I will remember the deeds of the Lord, yes, I will remember your wonders of old. Psalm 77:11

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  1. I was reminded this morning as I wrote on the word 'look' of God's amazing patience towards me, us. While I am prone to wander and lose my way, He always stays the course. Looking back through my journals shows me this more than anything else. God is steadfast and so so very patient.

    You were so right when you said,

    "Remembering what God has done in the past is the key to trusting him for the future."

    I needed to hear those words this morning. Thank you.