Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days of Inviting the Uninvited: Inviting Sub-stories

Within every story, there are substories. Sometimes they've lived dormat for years, sometimes they can breathe life, but their capacity for air is sparse. Other times, they've been given room to move about freely, but wish to stay still, waiting for their chance to jump.
When I was in high school, I kept notes and observations about other people. No, I didn't stalk people, I was for better or worse, a journalism 'major.' There weren't majors at my high school, but if I could say I majored in something, it was learning about other people. What made them tick, what people said, etc: I had to get good at interviewing folks, keeping track of who did what, said what, and most of all keeping my writing and brain focused on others.
I think journalism is good for that. The focus is off of you; I actually thought about going into journalism at one point but decided after years of already running around chasing 'the story' before I even turned 22 that maybe there was something else out there for me. Funny, I was trying to avoid job-stress because I knew it ran thick in journalism. Instead, I choose an equally stressful industry - such a naive youth : ).
I've really been trying to give more than just a passing thought to my substories, and write about them. You know, these are the ones I share only with the people who really know me or who I can predict their response before I start the conversation, and they are also the ones I might not talk about much because I'm not sure how important they are.
Our substories are really our stories. And they matter. I'd like to hear what your passions were in high school, because I bet, if you look hard, your back-thens connect to something you're doing today or would like to get into your life somehow if you could find a way.
What about mine? I know I'm forever rambling about myself on here, but I truly do love learning about others, collecting information, interviewing people, and certainly writing about all of that makes this heart happy. I'd say a small part of counseling-ish work I do now relates to some of that.

With online print becoming so pronounced these days, things have changed a lot for magazines and the like, but I'm also inspired by online magazine writers and even bloggers who bring communities together and make the world seem a little smaller by connecting people together.
So, talk to me friends. What's something you see in your life today that developed way back when?

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