Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days of Inviting the Uninvited: Hope Again

I realize that yesterday's post was titled Hope and I sort of alluded to it but I didn't really talk about hope. Sorry about that.

There's plenty I could talk about pertaining to the topic of pain but this here series isn't all on pain. I might talk more about some of my experiences or thoughts another time since the ball is rolling.

Really though, living with hope is a whole lot better than living without hope. That sounds really easy I'm sure, but it doesn't mean it is. Honestly, though, I'm so thankful to know that We. Are. Not. Without. Hope. In life. Not just any hope, not the "I-hope-you-feel-better," or "it would be kind of nice and I hope to marry a chiropractor someday" (just sayin') kind of hope. The hope of Christ, the hope that is secure, assured, the hope that walked this earth, died for us so we can live. The hope that is alive today.

Hope hope hope. It's a good day to sing about hope. Won't you sing one of my most all-time favorite songs with me on this Friday? :) Happy Friday and yes, "Hallelujah, sing!"

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