Friday, September 28, 2012

Red Crayons

I get a little sense of something sweeter that catches me amidst my mind going a mile a minute, everything I need to do, even as I need to be resting. "Is she sleeping?" my friend's littlest boy asks.

Then, "Do you like blue?"

I'm caught in a deep train of "this is my life" conversation. The all important, 'what-color-do-you-like' trumps it but I don't hear him the first two times he asks.

Yes, I like blue. But, maybe I don't stop to see blue.

Blue crayons. Red crayons.

"Do you like red?" he asks, looking down at the red crayons.

This time I'm ready. "Yes, I like red."

I watch a hot air balloon in the sky.  I've often thought it would be neat to take a ride in one of those. To see the world zipping by below from a balloon! 

What would it be like to be moving sloooow and see the world below moving so fast? I may not come down...:)

Life is the gift. It's like dandelion dust. When you try and grasp at it, you lose it. It flies through your fingers.

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