Monday, September 3, 2012

Multitudes on Monday: Seeing

I don't like to talk about writing like it's just another activity I do. Sometimes when life gets busy, it hurts a little because I feel like I have to 'fit' writing in, but I'm thankful writing is like breathing for me most of the time. It's just words on a page, something that comes out when it needs to and I just let it work itself out, even if there's literal background noise or just the clamor of my life happening and it begs to distract me.

The butter fizzles on the stove and I hurry to punch the keys.

There's a rainstorm and the ceiling stats leaking and what was I doing before that happened? Writing a blogpost. One I didn't quite finish yet. It said something about seeing more. And about God being a God Who Sees - El Roi.

He's not caught by surprise. Even when I am.

I write about Jacob, wrestling with God. How he wants to see the blessing, find the blessing, through the struggle.

I write about ...writing? Even if that doesn't make sense, I'm thankful for the gifts He gives,

after the rain, when all is quiet and there's time for settling.

I prayed I could SEE more. That I could actually start to begin to see what God might be showing me.

I'm all about words. Words words words. Pictures and seeing and looking is harder for me.

Counting gifts is sometimes still hard because I don't always see rightly. I listen, I dream, I read, I learn. I don't always look.

God is teaching me how to see.

141. Sunday afternoon laziness for a change.
142. My 'home team' as Shauna Niequest puts it.
143. We are not without hope!
145. Remembering what travel feels like
146. Beach day, meeting new friends
147. Hanging with a church friend who also loves Europe :)
148. Tennis - need I say more?
149. Apartment leaks
150. My grandma!


  1. Opps, friends, please excuse me omitting #144. :)

  2. El Roi-- this name of God was new to me about a year ago and I loved it so much. It has been very meaningful to me. :)
    My little sis keeps me up on tennis a bit. She's a big fan, so we had the US Open on at a family gathering on Monday. She's a Rafa fan, and her hubs is a Roger fan... they're so cute. :)
    Hope you are well!

  3. For so long I tried to fight writing or tell myself I didn't need to "fit it in". Now, I'm like you. It's like breathing. I need to do it, and it doesn't have to be on a screen or in a magazine. I just need to get it out.