Friday, September 7, 2012

grace-full. what the world thinks?

To be totally sincere in my life and background, I'll be up front to say I've watched a lot of Seinfeld in day. One of the take-a-ways from it though, is to hear the Five Minute Friday topic of grace, and be able to remember instantly that there was a skit done once on the show about grace. I think it's important to look into life and culture at times and see how others view and are talking about the ideas that we think about and talk about in the church and as believers in Christ.

So often it seems there's a separation that goes on, but we are not the only ones talking about the subject of grace, and not the only ones in need of it.

Thankfully, there's great books being written on the topic that I think can reach people far in wide and perhaps bridge a gap and reach people in middle of their mess and lives and touch their hearts..and I think people take notice to what grace is and isn't.

Grace isn't something you make people feel bad about, like it's only for special people. Grace isn't about being good enough.
Grace isn't a word exclusive for churched people.

Grace is a gift
It is freedom
It gives life
It comes from God  ....

More on this later

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