Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"A Way To See in The Dark" : Jason Gray

“I write the songs that I most need to hear” – Jason Gray

I came across an interview with singer/songwriter Jason Gray and what he says is so good.

I've written about Jason's songs on here before from his album "A Way to See in the Dark." I love the words and music to his songs.

Today, if you have a few minutes listen in on the adversity in his life that has helped him with ministering to people and have the message he does. Also, see what is behind the lyrics and the message of freedom in Christ and the love of a God who creates us for more than fear, doubt, darkness. A God who is crazy about us and loves us.

"Don't let go in the dark to the dreams God gave you in the day." -my sweet friend Mandy, a few years ago in a birthday card.

Believe, believe believe.

You are made for more.

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