Sunday, August 26, 2012

Music Journey

Over and over God seems to have something to say to me through music.

Does this ever happen to you?

It's just another reminder that He loves me and the lengths He still goes to show me that even in everyday moments.

The other week I was driving in my car and it was the end of what had been a tiring few days. I was thinking that maybe I couldn't be used by God during this current season in my life for some of my passions and things I'm working on because of some of the more difficult areas that seem to keep hitting bumps and struggles.

Then, in about two minutes, I came to the realization that I am human and am going to experience struggles.

This doesn't mean that sometimes I want to be stronger than that.

BUT, sometimes, my most real moments with God come when I've just hit the end of my own strength, realizing that it's foolish to think I can use my strength to get anywhere on my own. 

To date, God uses a variety of means to bring this message home to me. Yet sometimes, He pretty loudly uses music.

At the very moment I had turned the radio station and the host said "and you can text the word s t r u g g l e" to ---------whatever their number is, they had just finished playing the song "Struggle" by Tenth Avenue North.

Just when I just openly prayed and asked God 'was there any purpose in the struggling . .'

I know time and time again that there is. Romans 8:28 tells me that God works all things together for good. Even when we don't know how now. Even when we want to have understanding; we get to trust. We want clarity, but we get peace.

Interestingly, the wives of two of the band members have a website dedicated to honest/real discussions about the struggles of women and girls. Check out

Here are some other tracks I've had on the playlist:

Barlow Girl

Never Alone - Maybe it's the instrumentals or the passion you hear in their voices, but Alyssa, Becca, and Lauren know how to play.

Sara Groves

Twice as Good - Her music gets me every time. Great video.

Laura Story

Perfect Peace

Laura causes me to think on Scripture..that He is the one who keeps me in perfect peace...
as my mind stays on Him..Isaiah 26:3