Friday, August 10, 2012


It's another Five Minute Friday day! Linking up with Lisa-Jo and others.


It’s been an odd sort of Friday of connecting in a lot of unusual and also fun ways. I feel more extroverted than usual today. Some days I definitely sense introvertedness, but not today.

Perhaps at your job or in life, Fridays feel like just another day, or perhaps you can stop a bit and remember why you do what you do. Perhaps you can do that more than just once in a while or more than once a work week, but if you’re like me, maybe Fridays bring it all together for you somehow.

Perhaps Fridays are also when you write without thinking too hard or do something else with a little less pressure. Maybe Fridays remind you that you don’t have to get it perfect all the time, and you can laugh a little.

Maybe you do some dance moves in the office (hypothetically - no questions asked ;)) or connect with people in new ways.

Maybe Fridays remind you that no matter what, life and God are still good.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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