Sunday, July 29, 2012


Beyond...the noise

Sometimes, when I stop and think about it, I'm really thankful for sleep. Sleep and I have had an odd relationship over the years anyway, but for the most part, I am pretty happy with sleep. Sleep is my friend. I guess I would say I treat sleep okay most of the time, but sleep doesn't get much say in the situation. You see I'm self-proclaimed not a morning person (unless forced). So, I say this as I type until the wee hours of what has already become the morning at this moment. Maybe it's the creative spirit in me that often wants to get that last breath of energy in eveningtime, when the world is quiet, and the sky and all the people settle in for the night.

Sometimes, though, I think about how God created us with limits. Even those of us who are night owls. I think about the fact that yes, maybe it's the best time I can write or how I feel most centered with the Lord then, but...

I'm often so reminded at these moments of my humanness and that I have limits. I think that's a good thing. I remember that I can't do everything and I need God to show me these things.

His peace is enough to break through in the moments where I'm sure I have to push through. Maybe it's not some post that I've been dying to write but a deadline or something else that I think I need to complete. He created a time for rest in between the racing, and I think for many purposes - not only for physical wellbeing, but to SEE Him more clearly.

For even though He is with us at all times, could perhaps the noise of our (my) lives be too loud at times, enough to drown out what God is saying?


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Does this tendency ever happen to you? Can a good thing like trying to "make the most of the day" turn into pushing the limits?

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