Monday, June 4, 2012

Multitudes on Monday: 95-103

95. ~It is safe to trust~ I can trust He knows what He is doing.
As Ann says in 1000 Gifts,
"it's all Christ. Every moment, every event, every happening. It's all in Christ and in Christ we are always safe and..
how will he not also?"

It is safe to trust Him.

96. The joy in the ride.

97. God working out the pieces of an upcoming trip.

98. The gift of the difficult.

99. Old friends who know you in and out...talking through the miles.

100. My mom's encouragement through how we relate with work stuff.

101. The reminder of the gift of pain - the ugly beautiful-ness of pain and what it teaches ~re-reading C.S. Lewis' The Problem of Pain.

102. The beginning of summer sun and pool days.

103. God reminding of me of my need to give thanks.


  1. Love many things on this list, but especially #102 and #103. And I've never read that CS Lewis book and totally added it to my want-to-read list.
    Hope you're well...

    1. Hey Stacie, nice to hear from you! Yes, that one is a book that helps me reflect on a lot of things.