Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Search: Story

Like Harriet the Spy, I’ve been searching for good stories my whole life. I’ve been a careful observer, interested in what people know, how I can better learn about others, and the world. I am forever looking for the best in people, but I also know, when you to the bottom, there’s usually, well, a bottom. And at the bottom is where the broken things are.

It’s comfortable at the top with the charades and the smiles and the “I don’t knows.” Interviews are fluffy and airy and you get to eat sandwiches while you talk and kind of sit back easy in your chair not having to inch in to get a closer look or dry down any tears. But that's not where the real stuff happens.

I’ve lived a lot of my life, my writing life and also the life that surrounds it, in love with the story, which can be good and bad. Bad is if you’re not truly living the story because you’re too busy trying to make one up. Oh, the balance that is all parts of our life. Then, when you go on living that life, you sometimes forget that you are becoming that very story in the making you’ve been looking for all your life. That God, in His great wisdom and higher understanding than us, authors together something even more than we could imagine: a narrative, a tale, a beautiful love story, weaving together those fall outs and misgivings and creating something awesome. We get to be part of it. Oh. if. I. could. just. keep. learning. to. open. myself. up. to. all. He. has.

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