Friday, May 4, 2012


Well, if you were to walk by me right now, you would probably see a real sight, not a cleaned up Julie version at all. I decided to just come out on the porch to write my favorite Five Minute Friday without first doing much of anything this morning, still in the pj's and a sweatshirt, non-brushed hair.

This made me laugh in light of the topic of Real today and after I saw a post I can definitely relate to by my blogger-friend Amy Sullivan on vulnerability and letting people see who you are, even in this kind of vehicle. It can be difficult sometimes, and I don't just mean the neighbors peeking in on your dishelved look in the morning.

The song What if We Were Real by Mandisa keeps coming to mind when I think of this idea. I question if I'm being "real enough" with readers on here, and what pulls me back.

As Amy says, "it involves risk."

More and more, when I find myself getting stuck when I write, it's because I'm not risking more, I'm not allowing myself to go deeper, to be vulnerable. I know the half-way option doesn't work for me, but I trick myself into thinking I can get by, that it won't matter if I play along with writing for awhile this way.

I've asked myself why I blog and why I write a lot in the past (and present). And I find that even if I know there will be times that it might be exposing or that I could get misunderstood, that's not what matters. I have to blog or write because God has redeemed all those places, those places that I used to not think mattered but He showed me really did. Real life for me now consists of meeting God wherever He is and joining Him with what He is doing there.  I'm thankful I can do that in this place too.

*Inspired by Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama


  1. GoD is good in that why as you stated in your last line. Well written and thank you for allowing a sneak peek into your day. where my post is at

  2. I've been in that stuck place at times for that same reason. It's hard to be vulnerable and it's hurt me a couple times in the past year. But I know I have to keep pressing forward. You do the same, dear Julie!

    1. Thanks so much for this, Stacie:).