Friday, May 18, 2012


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"I try to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Count them, Alice. One, there are drinks that make you shrink. Two, there are foods that make you grow. Three, animals can talk. Four, cats can disappear. Five, there is a place called Underland. Six, I can slay the Jabberwocky." -Alice in Wonderland

Imagination can be a great thing, just like perspective. Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in saying the right things or the ones that sound the best and lose what got us started creating in the first place. The beauty of the made up word. The story. Where it all got started. Believing that things could be possible.

I like the newer movie Alive in Wonderland. I didn't think I would; I actually for most of my life have not been a person that intent on fairy tales. I didn't watch that many as a kid. Correction, I probably watched them when I was fairly young but wouldn't choose to watch them as I got older. What's the point, if it's something not real.

I liked (like) reality. Things that really happen to people. More than cartoons, more than fantasy, more than fairy tale. Strange, because where I got my start, where most of us get our start is with the story, the made-up world, the make-believe that we create as kids and this fuels our passion for more story.

It's all a matter of perspective I guess. If tell imagination 'you're not important,' where is that juice that calls, ever so softly sometimes, to this writer at least: come back. Come back, little imagination that could. Storybook soul that lives inside you, I'd love to come out and tell some more stories.



  1. I think sometimes it is hard to lose yourself in the fantasy when there is so much reality around that needs to be dealt with. I think it is a gift to "take a break" but oh, the difficulties that can be balance sometimes. Great thoughts and LOVE the photo! :)


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  2. It's best to live in both you need the imagination to create and you need the real world to appeal to others. brava. is where my 5min prompt is at. smiles