Sunday, May 13, 2012

On Cheering For Mothers

Mothers pretty much amaze me.

I'm fascinated by them; the endless amount of wash they do, the food they can put on the table with what seems like ease (somehow there's always a fruit or vegetable involved), the constant love they pour out even when tired or worn ragged by their jobs, the mom-duties that don't seem to end.

I love being a cheerleader for moms. I love reading about moms in various places that make me encouraged for how real they are. I love showing off moms I know because of who they are.

Somehow, in spite of all they are and all they have to be in their own lives, I have moms in my life who are cheerleaders for me, moms who, despite the errands they need to run or the go between work-a-day world and mom world, or even just the overflow of mom world (which is enough in itself I'm sure), somehow make time for me. Make me feel special.

It seemed like all I did was blink and many of my close friends in different places and stages of my life became moms nearly overnight. I love having all the little kiddos on on my fridge and getting to be Aunt Julie to the babes. I love that they get to be the forerunners and they show me how special it is to care for and love on these babies who will grow up to no doubt take the world by storm.

Mothers get to watch it all unfold. Still, they have to watch when the world isn't always the easiest place to grow up, and their kids' hearts get broken. So often, in my day-to-day work, I have to see the realities of life and the shackles of what happens when things go wrong, and beneath it all I usually find a bedrock of something that lingers still: a mother.

Here's to the mothers who cheer for their kids, who cry with them, pray with them, see them through, laugh til they're blue (I like rhymes okay? :) ).

On Mother's Day and all days, may the moms who have been a part of our lives be a cause for celebration and may we remember them as part of the whole of who were are.
Thank you Mom, for all that you are to me, and for all the ways I can't count that you've shared in my life and you continue to love me no matter what. I love you-Happy Mother's Day!