Friday, April 6, 2012


Hi Friends. It's Friday. Good Friday. I'm joining the The Gypsy Mama, to write WITHOUT being perfect and to talk about a word that I love to write about, Light :).


“Well…that’s cause you’re a perfectionist.”

Those words, meant in love, by someone I love, made me stop and think about the years I’ve been fighting against that very thing. Perfectionism.

“No, I’m a recovering perfectionist.”


Still, will this always be difficult? Will I continue to yearn to ‘get things right?,’ not make mistakes, and will approval be a burden for me until ------? I sighed with exhaustion thinking about it.

However, the wonderful words :It is finished: flooded over me with warmth and I again I have to recognize that if any of the perfectionist mentality has been stripped away from me at all, it’s because of that finished work of Christ, who we can celebrate as the Light in a world often fluttering with darkness, in a Me often fluttering with darkness.

On this day, on Good Friday, I am again so thankful at what a gift it is to know and to see that this Light works in ways I still can’t imagine, and His power is made perfect in weakness, His strength made strong when I don’t feel strength, and how I am reminded that it’s not me I can boast in, but the victory of the cross.
(I will let you in on a little secret: I think this is the first Friday in awhile I have truly  written without stopping, without having to be perfect, just going. Thank You, Jesus).