Friday, April 27, 2012


Linking up with The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday Loveliness. The word for today is Community.


Today I was comtemplating the reversal that happens in Luke 15, just the beautiful, redemptive picture of how much God loves us, and how the Father reaches out His hand to the younger brother, "while he was still a long way off."

I was reading in a commentary about how and why the Father pursues sinners, and the elder brother in the story doesn't join in the celebration with others rejoicing at the younger son's return.  

Still, "the father's compassion does not cease" for the elder brother. The story is left at a bit at a bit of a cliff-hanger. Yet, the grace and love of the father is what stirs us on in the midst of struggle, as that brother, as we too, often get to choose our response, our position, remembering the times we were just that far off in the distance and God did the seeking, bringing what was lost back to be found.

I crave community. Where we can come for love, healing, laughter, grace, and to remember that we're human, and life is fragile and sacred.



  1. Thanks for that reminder of God's pursuing love, he pursues us no matter which son we are! Love it!

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog!

  3. Hi Julie!
    I love the topic of community... now, to just continue to learn what it truly means, right!? Wow, that's the challenge. I know God's perfect love is mixed all in it. Timothy Keller has a fantastic perspective on the prodigal story. It's called "The Prodigal God" Finding Your Place At The Table. Blessings as you seek Him sister. I'm glad we're in community together! :) ~ Amy

    1. Hey Amy, great thoughts. I like Tim Keller, too! I have read some of his other work but have wanted to pick up "The Prodigal God." Glad to hear you recommend it, too.